Sojung Yi '12

Sojung Yi ’12, an ER physician in San Francisco, recounts her personal experiences with anti-Asian racism as she fights COVID-19.

From patients asking for a doctor who is “not Chinese” to her conversations with ER patients who are victims of racism and xenophobia, she sees how these forces fuel public panic and fear, especially when compounded by the politics of an election year.

Yi asks us to consider a new response to the racialization of disease, highlighting the need to work together as a society to combat racism and heal our communities with the same energy we put into flattening the curve.

Read her full article at the Washington Post.

NSF RAPID grant awarded for study of how anxiety affects the spread of COVID-19 information

NSF RAPID grant awarded for study of how anxiety affects the spread of COVID-19 information

Apr 02, 2020 News , Research

Princeton researchers have been awarded a National Science Foundation RAPID grant to study how anxiety about COVID-19 influences how we learn and share information about the pandemic. Read more …

Maggie Zhang and Daniel He

Alumni create online directory to support local businesses

Mar 30, 2020 Community

Maggie Zhang ’16 and Daniel He ’16 recognize that small businesses are the heart of our communities — and the most susceptible to the economic effects of the pandemic. To help those businesses survive, they created Local for Later, an online directory to promote local businesses through gift cards. they wrote on their site, which has grown to include 11 U.S. cities.

Each city’s list is made up of businesses submitted by users, and includes restaurants, shops, and activities like theaters and tour companies.

See the lists and add your favorite here.

Messages to #VirtualPrincetonU

Princeton Faculty Members Send Greetings As Classes Go Virtual

Mar 26, 2020 Community , Education

No one has all the answers about what comes next, not even Princeton faculty. But as Princeton shifted to virtual learning during the COVID-19 outbreak, professors from across disciplines sent warm video reassurance that their mission remained the same, and that Princeton is wherever you are.